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Wednesday 24th April, 7am - ONLINE

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Vaping and young people - Presented by Professor Jonine Jancey & Dr Kahlia McCausland - Curtin University

Workshop Content

  • What are vapes – types, flavours, contents

  • Vaping rates in Australia, and how they compared to overseas

  • Health issues (would include what is known about the health impact and addiction)

  • New Public Health (Tobacco and other products) Act & the updated prescription scheme

  • Research on social media and online – exposure to and accessing vapes

  • Research with parents, teachers and young people - Recommendations for managing vaping in schools.

  • Available resources



Explore and expand your knowledge, expertise, and application in the classroom with our online Enrichment series. Our selection of exemplary presenters will provide insight, guidance and resources to implement into your lesson plans for a cutting-edge delivery.

Upcoming Enrichment Workshops

Wednesday 28th February, 4pm - ONLINE

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YOU.FO: The world's newest sport and leisure game: Increase participation and engagement with YOU.FO - Presented by Giel Bos

The world of sport, physical education and recreation is evolving! One of the world's newest sport and leisure games is YOU.FO. This innovative and award-winning sports and leisure game, originates from Amsterdam, is based on throwing and catching an aerodynamic ring with specially designed sticks. The game is versatile, dynamic, fun and challenging, with a completely unique ruleset to keep everyone active and engaged.

Workshop Content

  • Learn everything about world's newest sports and leisure game: YOU.FO. This unique game is played in 2000+ schools all over the world and has just landed in Australia.

  • Learn a variety of ways to implement YOU.FO into your lessons.

  • Gather insight on international games, and global new sport development.

  • You will receive a FREE PE Curriculum to support your implementation.

  • An opportunity to WIN a YOU.FO set during the webinar.