Our Members

ACHPER is proud to acknowledge the involvement and support of over 200 members State-wide.

Members include:

  • Physical Education Teachers
  • Health & Wellbeing Teachers
  • Outdoor Education Teachers
  • Academics & Researchers
  • Undergraduate & Post Graduate Students
  • Professionals working in the sport, health & recreation sector.

Life Members

The following Life Members have given outstanding service to the WA Branch over many years and those awarded more recently continue to hold office or support the organisation on an ongoing basis.

Life Membership is the highest and most prestigious national award available to ACHPER Members and nominations are considered by an Awards Committee of peers representing all Branches.

Year Awarded In Name of ACHPER Member State/Territory Awarded In
1970 Robin K Gray (dec) WA
1970 R Ernest Halliday (dec) WA
1991 John Bloomfield (dec) WA
1991 Leonard Pavy  WA
1996 Tom Walmsley (dec) WA
2000 John Garnaut WA
2002 Lynn Embrey WA
2008 Graeme Quelch WA


ACHPER Fellows have made a significant contribution to ACHPER's standing and activities. They have served their Branch with energy and commitment, and been influential, hard working and supportive of colleagues in their workplace and within ACHPER's committees, projects and events. They have not necessarily been high profile contributors but they have made a difference over time to ACHPER's achievements.

Year Awarded In Name of ACHPER Member State/Territory Awarded In
1982 Gerry Jones WA
1982 John Bloomfield (dec) WA
1982 Tom Walmsley (dec) WA
1982 Leonard Pavy  WA
1982 Mal McKercher WA
1982 John Graham WA
1984 Bruce Elliott WA
1984 Jenny Browne (dec) WA
1984 Keith Cook WA
1984 Paul Forrestal WA
1984 Geoff Hayes (dec) WA
1988 Alan Morton WA
1988 John Fisher WA
1988 Lynn Embrey WA
1988 Lesley Pearse (dec) WA
1988 Peter Frizzell WA
1990 Bryan Rourke (dec) WA
1990 Joan Pope WA
1990 John Garnaut WA
1992 Gayle Watson-Galbraith WA
1992 David Ansell WA
1994 Brian Blanskby WA
1995 Karen Sloper WA
1997 Trin Stewart WA
1998 Julie Hewson WA
1998 Meredith Eddington WA
2000 Valerie Stewart WA
2000 Graeme Quelch WA
2002 Ian Temby WA
2004 Jan Michell WA
2004 Ian Lockhart WA
2007 Elisebeth Francis-Kain WA
2011 Beth Hands WA
2012 Andrew Watt WA
2017 Ross Williams WA
2018 Donna Barwood WA
2019 Helen Parker WA
2019 Dawn Penney WA