EduTECH and ACHPER Victoria join forces to deliver opportunities for HPE teachers

We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership between ACHPER Victoria and EduTECH Australia! EduTECH is Australia’s largest festival of education, bringing together educators, technologists, and innovators to explore the latest trends and advancements in education.

EduTECH is dedicated to fostering collaboration and innovation within the education sector, and partnering aligns perfectly to both organisations missions sharing the same commitment to advancing education through dynamic learning experiences.

Free Sports and Physical Education Seminar

We're particularly excited to showcase our collaborative effort in curating the 'Sports and Physical Education' seminar at EduTECH.

Together, we aim to provide attendees with valuable insights, strategies, and resources to enhance physical education programs and promote health and wellbeing in schools.

Best of all, attendance to the Sports & Physical Education Seminar is completely free!

Special offer for ACHPER Victoria members

As a special offer for ACHPER Victoria members, EduTECH are extending a 20% discount on the full conference pass. Simply use the code ACHPER20 during registration to unlock this exclusive offer and gain access to all that EduTECH has to offer.

Join us at EduTECH Australia to discover the latest innovations and best practices in education technology and physical education. Let's collaborate, learn, and shape the future of education together!

We look forward to releasing the Sports & Physical Education seminar details shortly.

To keep up to date about the Sports & Physical Education seminar and to register for EduTECH, visit the EduTECH website.