Active Schools update: 2024 year to date

In 2024, the success of the Active Schools Expert Support Service (ESS) has hinged on the relationship capability of the Physical Activity Advisors (PAAs).

PAAs have made significant strides this year, engaging with schools in person to provide tailored support and professional learning aligned with the Active Schools Framework.

Funded schools have risen to the challenge of implementing sustainable physical activity initiatives. As a result, students across the state are benefiting from upgraded fitness facilities, new bike tracks, enhanced play areas with modern equipment, and a host of other innovative initiatives made possible through Department of Education funding.

Key trends in 2024

Key trends so far this year reveal an increasing number of schools are leveraging student voice to determine the focal points for their Active Schools funding.

This collaborative approach has aided school leadership in decision-making processes, leading to initiatives such as students imparting active classroom strategies to teachers and facilitating peer-to-peer active breaks sessions.

Moreover, student involvement in selecting the themes for physical activity and sports-based programs during lunchtime and before/after school sessions has resulted in heightened student engagement, as reported by schools.

Watch this video of a great impact story filmed at Wodonga Middle Years College recently which underscores the positive effects of active breaks on student engagement and learning.

Active Recreation emerged as the most frequently highlighted Key Priority Area by schools, reflecting a growing interest in less structured opportunities for physical activity. Non-traditional sports have gained popularity due to their inclusive and adaptable nature, making them a preferred choice for lunchtime sessions.

Stay tuned for the release of more Active Schools impact stories, showcasing schools' journeys and the direct impact of funding on students. 
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